Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads

Kristoffer & THH 02

Mini-Tour der schwedischen Band Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads

Bei dem Gedanken an ausufernde Livegigs kommen dem geübten Konzertgänger Orte wie Villingen-Schwenningen, Flensburg und Basel wahrscheinlich nicht als Allererstes in den Sinn. Dennoch haben sich die drei Schweden von Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads gerade diese für ihre Tour ausgesucht. In unserem Beitrag erfahrt ihr, warum es gerade die kleinen, besonderen Locations sind, die Kristoffer, Emil und Joel reizen. Die Musiknerds Tanja und Franzi nutzten die Gunst der Stunde und trafen sich mit Sänger Kristoffer in einem Kreuzberger Café, um mit ihm über seine Kindheit, verflixte Zeitmaschinen und Hermann Rarebell zu sprechen.

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und Franzi
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couchFM: What do you think about Germany, especially about Hamburg?

Kris: It was great. I learnt a lot. I was an engineering assistant in a studio but I moved there because I tried to escape from something else. It was good but it was kind of destructive as well. One year alone, I didn’t speak the language…  I’m happy I did that chapter but I would never do that again.

I think Germans are open-minded. In Germany it takes about five minutes to talk and then they can ask you „How do you do?”, honestly “How do you do?”. For us, you have to know someone for maybe five years.

couchFM: What is your favourite place on earth?

Kris: My favourite place on earth – and it’s been that for the last 10 years – is down south Germany, where you can easily go to Switzerland or France. You have that mentality from all those countries. It feels like they have the best of everything. I would like to be there more often but it’s far away.

Kristoffer & THH 04

couchFM: You are quite popular in Sweden because you have already released four solo albums. Do people recognise you on the street?

Kris: It happened and it happens but it’s not that I have to blush. So it’s not that often. It’s not a problem.

I did a couple of demos and I sent them out to record labels and I got signed from – you know the band ABBA? – the guy who made ABBA, his daughter… She’s got a record label. She pumped in money in my project and in my ego as well. But I had the worst start actually because I wish I had a start when I had to fight more. I kind of felt I can do whatever I want. That album went down the drain. And then we got signed in America and everything started…

Kristoffer & THH

couchFM: When you were a kid, which bands were you influenced by?

Kris: Everything from Eric Clapton to German speed metal like Halloween. It was very wide.

Everytime when we play in Hannover I put Hermann Rarebell, the drummer (der Scorpions, Anm. d. Red.), on the guestlist. He doesn’t live there anymore, but you never know.

couchFM: Does he attend the gigs?

Kris: No, no, no. I think he lives in London. (Gelächter)

couchFM: Okay, Eric Clapton and German metal. What else?

Kris: There is one band that has been stuck with me from early years until now and that I never get bored of. It’s Velvet Underground.

couchFM: If you could travel in a time machine, would you go forty years back to the past or forty years forth to the future?

Kris: I probably would go to 2054. About the past…you can read about it. There are tons of documentaries. Will I come back?

couchFM: Maybe the time machine breaks…

couchFM: Last and most important question: The Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

Kris (ohne zu zögern): Beatles. It’s very simple. It’s like Blur or Oasis. Blur.

Wir danken Kristoffer Ragnstam für das ausführliche (beinahe 1,5 Stunden!) Interview.

Kristoffer & THH 03

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Tanja und Franzi

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